Monday, June 4

100 Day Challenge: Day 13- Refocusing

     I've missed several days of writing, same as last weekend. I haven't been doing very well with my challenge the last few days. I woke up on Friday, my day off, with an unusual number of unidentified bug bites on my leg and had to quell the itching and swelling with benadryl, ensuring my status as a zombie for the rest of the day and parts of the rest of the weekend. Then work this weekend was especially rough and soul-draining and I'm still feeling a little bit like crawling in a hole and avoiding humanity for a month. The whole thing has not been conducive to good eating habits or getting exercise in.

     Anyway, I've used my day to refocus, run some errands and get back to eating healthy. It's time for work now and I'm so happy that I'm off tomorrow and have gotten myself back on the right path to have a good day tomorrow!

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