Thursday, May 31

100 Day Challenge: Days 7-8: Running and Rubbing

What a creepy post title.

Some good and some bad the past two days. Tuesday was a pretty great day, as far as getting stuff done and taking good care of myself. I started a Couch to 5k (c25k) program, which I’m pretty excited about. John doesn’t understand the recent obsession with 5ks, and I kind of have to agree with him. 5k does seem to be a fitness buzzword lately. Still, I did one of these programs a couple years ago with my friend Lolo and it was helpful because I really can’t motivate myself to run and I’m very likely to give up. When we did it before, though, it was on the treadmill, and for me that didn’t really transfer to increased endurance for outside running, and I haven’t tried much for quite a while. I recently got a smartphone and I found a c25k app that allows me to listen to my own music and still gives audio cues of when to run and walk. When I did it Tuesday, the app was a bit buggy and I missed a cue but I still felt good about what I did. The program is three days per week and I did my second day today without any bugs. I’m hoping I stick with it and make progress; I’ve always wanted to run outside.
Yesterday I wasn’t feeling great and I didn’t quite stick to my 11 o’clock rule. I decided to rest from any extra exercise and it was the first day since I started this challenge that I didn’t get my minimum of 12,000 steps in. (I got 11,000 though, so I wasn’t too bummed.) Still, I would have been fine with all of that until I gave in and got fast food for dinner. I have a problem resisting junk food when I don’t feel well, even though that’s probably the worst time to be eating junk food. I was annoyed not only because I put this crap in my body but also because there was no reason to waste that money. I was rewarded with insomnia and a stomachache. I was awake from 5:30-7:30 this morning and then went back to bed ‘til almost 10. Ugh. Not the best start to my day. Back on the wagon.

I’ve been doing okay with working a bit in my sketchbook every day, though I need to do more and start looking into sales/exhibition opportunities. My new obsession is these rub-on letters that I got at this old art store in Cincinnati. I have a feeling they’ve been sitting there for 30 years and I’m not sure they’re even made anymore, but I’ve really liked using them in my sketchbook.

           That's it for now!

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